5 Common Cleansing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

5 Common Cleansing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

You know when you see everyone raving about a skincare product and you rush to buy it…and it just doesn’t work for you? You may get into a constant struggle of blaming the products, BUT there may be another reason.

If you’re not cleansing your face properly, makeup, SPF, dirt, sweat and grime may be left on your skin from the day, and your skincare products will have a hard time penetrating into your skin, and working the way they should. This is the reason why cleansing your face and prepping it for the rest of your skincare routine is so important!

Here is a list of some common cleansing mistakes that you may be making and how to do it the right way.


 Mistake #1: Not using the right cleanser for your skin type

Generally, for oily/combination skin types, a water/gel-based cleanser is most suitable, and for dry skin types, a cream-based cleanser is suitable. For normal skin types, just make sure the cleanser you’re using feels comfortable. You don’t want your skin to feel tight/stripped after rinsing, and you don’t want to feel like there’s residue left over.

 Mistake #2: Under-cleansing/Over-cleansing

Let’s be honest, sometimes we’re so tired or we’ve got somewhere to be, so we rush our cleansing routine – BUT, in order for your cleanser to work effectively, you need to be cleansing for at least 30 seconds, some even recommend 60 seconds. Over-cleansing would generally be more than 60 seconds – this can strip your skin of its natural oils, and can result in irritation and breakouts.

 Mistake #3: Not double-cleansing in the evenings

This cleansing method is honestly life changing! Here’s how it works – use an oil-based cleanser (cleansing oil/cleansing balm) to get rid of your makeup and SPF that you’ve had on throughout the day. Then, follow up with a water/cream-based cleanser (whichever is better for your skin type) to get rid of sweat and dirt. You NEED to be doing this to make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed.

 Mistake #4: Using overly cold/hot water

If it’s too hot, it can damage the skin's natural moisture barrier and lead to irritation. On the other hand, cold water does not work with your cleanser effectively. You need to be using lukewarm water only to cleanse your skin!

 Mistake #5: Not washing your cleanser off properly

Ok fine, you may be using the right cleanser, and cleansing for the right amount of time, but are you washing the cleanser off properly? If you’re not, that could leave an oily film and residue on your skin that prevents the rest of your skincare from working. Make sure you’re rinsing it off thoroughly, and then you can use a cleansing cloth to wipe off your cleanser – microfiber cleansing cloths are usually better as the large surface area helps get into your pores and get rid of all the excess dirt and makeup too!

Our Oh! So Soft Toner & Cleansing Cloth is made from microfiber, helps to ensure a thorough cleanse, and will get rid of any cleanser residue to ensure your skin is ready for the rest of your skincare.


So there you have it! The most common cleansing mistakes that, if you stop making, will help your skin significantly. Incorporate these tips into your cleansing routine and see the difference!

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