Terms of Service

We are Valere Beauty Pty Ltd (ACN 646 061 734) (herein referred to as “We”, “Us”, “Our”, etc.).

These Terms of Service apply to:

  1. Your use of this website;
  2. The supply of our products to you; and
  3. The provision of our services to you via this website or other platforms such as our social media sites.

By using our website, accessing our services and/or purchasing something from us, you agree to these terms and conditions. These terms may change from time to time without notice to you. If we make a change, the next time you use our website or request our products or services, you agree to the amended Terms of Service.

Occasionally, additional terms may apply to specific products or services. These will be posted on our website. When you purchase those products or services, you will be subject to those terms in addition to these Terms of Service.

Our Services

We endeavour to provide our services through this website and other platforms without any delays or interruptions. However, we cannot promise that the website and/or our services will be available at all times, and we may temporarily or permanently stop the operation of part or all of the website and/or services without notice to you. We will not be responsible for any losses, costs, damages or liability that may arise as a result.


As part of our services, we may offer for purchase certain products which may be available exclusively through our website.

The products that we offer for purchase may have limited quantities and are subject to return or exchange only in accordance with our Refund Policy. We also reserve the right to limit the sale of our products to any person, geographic region or jurisdiction and we reserve the right to limit the quantities of any products that we offer per person, household or in any other manner.

We also reserve the right to refuse any order placed with us for any reason. In such a case, we will refund any amount paid for the order.

Delivery, Customs Duties and Taxes

All Delivery timeframes quoted by us are estimates only. Where delivery is delayed, you will not have the right to cancel your order. We will not be liable for any loss or damages (directly or indirectly) incurred by you arising out of or in any way connected to our failure to deliver the product by a particular delivery date.

Where a “no tracking” delivery option is selected by you, you do so at your own risk and we will only provide a refund in the case of non-delivery in accordance with our Shipping Policy.

All sale of products through our website are exclusive of customs and import duties, tariffs and taxes. In some cases, you may be required to pay an import duty, customs duty or tax to receive the product in your country. You will be responsible for ensuring the products clear customs and will be liable to pay any charges incurred in doing so. Any taxes, duties or tariffs will be your sole responsibility.

We do not take any responsibility for delays that are caused by customs clearance. Our delivery estimates do not take into account lengthy customs clearance times, and we are not liable for any loss or damage you suffer due to delays caused by customs clearance.

Intellectual Property

The content and design of this website is all subject to copyright, which we reserve and own (or use under license from someone else).

You must not copy, adapt, store, transmit, print, display, or use in any way any part of this website, or commercialise any information, products or services on this website without our prior written consent.

In particular, you must not use any trade marks appearing on this website, our photographs of our products, or any information or content published on this website:

  • to promote or market the products or the brand in any way;
  • in a manner that may be confusing, misleading or deceptive; or
  • in a manner that disparages us, our products, services or the website.


From time to time, we may provide recommendations or information, including about skin care, on this website and through other platforms such as social media sites. We try to make sure that the content is accurate and up to date but we do not guarantee this.

Any information provided by us on this website or on other platforms is provided strictly for general information only and should not be construed as personal or medical advice. We are not skin care professionals or aestheticians and the information is given based on our own experience and research only.

Similarly, we have made reasonable endeavours to ensure any information and content provided in relation to products sold by us on our website is accurate and up to date, and that photographs of the products accurately represent the products in real life. However, we cannot guarantee that the colour, size, texture and overall appearance of the products will not appear different in real life. To the extent permitted under law, we provide no warranties, representations or guarantees of any kind in relation to the photographs of the products used on the website.

Our services and products do, however, come with some warranties and guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

Third Party Links

We may include links to other websites which we do not control. You agree and acknowledge that we are not responsible for any of the content of those websites or the accuracy of the information contained therein. By including links to those websites, we are not endorsing any features, content, advertising, products or any other content on those websites nor does any of the information contained on them form part of our content.

We do not take any responsibility for or provide any warranty for any aspect of those websites and you access and use them entirely at your own risk.

Your Obligations

When using this website or our services, you must not:

  • do anything which breaks the law or infringes someone else’s rights, or use this website or our services to do so;
  • post or send any material which is harmful, disparaging, vilifying, racist, disrespectful or in any other way harms anyone else; and/or
  • tamper, in any way, with the website or its contents.

We reserve the right to remove any posts or material sent or posted by you which breaches these Terms of Service without notice to you.

Limitation of Liability

We do not accept any liability for any losses, costs, damages or liability that may arise out of or in connection with the use of this website, our social media profiles, our services, or any of the information provided by us in any way.


You agree to indemnify us for any losses, damages, costs, or liability incurred by us arising out of or in connection with any breach of these Terms of Service by you and against all actions, claims, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses arising out of or in connection with your use of this website or our services in any way. Any such liability will be reduced to the extent that the loss is caused by our negligence.

Applicable Law

These Terms of Service are governed by the law of New South Wales, Australia. The parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales, Australia.


If any provisions of these Terms of Service or part thereof are found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, then these Terms of Service take effect (to the extent possible) as if they did not include that provision or part thereof.

No Waiver

Any failure by a party to insist upon strict performance by the other of any provision in these Terms of Service will not be taken to be a waiver of any existing or future rights in relation to the provision.

Contact Us

You may contact us at hello@valerebeauty.com.au if you have any questions or concerns or wish to contact us for any reason in relation to these Terms of Service.