• Multi-functional

    Microfiber (lilac side) - for cleansing/removing your face masks.

    Bamboo cotton (white side) - for applying your toner.

    How to use - Remove your makeup with JUST water, or use daily to remove your cleansers instead of rinsing.

  • Reusable

    Can be used up to 1000 times.
    Replaces 1000 single-use makeup wipes and 1000 toner cotton pads!
    So you're working towards saving the environment (and your bank account!).

  • Gentle

    The material is Oh! So Soft - great for sensitive skin types.

    Perfect for those who find regular face towels too harsh on their skin.

'Valere' - To be brave. To be of worth.

Valere was created with an intention of making you feel strong, with your skin from the outside, and with YOU from within.

Our goal is to help your sensitive skin achieve that long-term healthy glow you’ve been craving by strengthening your skin barrier, along with an instant daily dewy glow.