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Oh! So Soft Toner & Cleansing Cloth (Double Bundle)

Oh! So Soft Toner & Cleansing Cloth (Double Bundle)

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Our best value Double Bundle ensures that you always have one of our Oh! So Soft Cleansing cloths on hand, while the other is in the wash.

Two different materials. Two different functions. Bye makeup wipes and cotton pads. We've got a new cleansing AND toning bestie in town.

Our Oh! So Soft Toner & Cleansing Cloth will speed up your daily cleansing routine and remove the hassle. A couple of swipes and you're done! Oh, you tone? Turn the cloth around, add your toner and you got yourself a reusable toning cloth. Speedy right? We told you. Efficient, and looks cute in your bathroom.

1) Multifunctional - 2-in-1 dual function (cleansing and toning, and a PERFECT size to remove your face masks)
2) Reusable -
up to 1000 times (save the environment, and your bank account!)
3) Gentle -
great for sensitive skin 

FYI: As the cleansing side of the cloth is made from microfiber, it does remove makeup with JUST water (for those late nights, shhh), but as your skincare besties, we advise using a face cleanser.

SO SOFT it's like a hug for your face. You'll never want to skip your routine again.

NOTE: The two cloths will be packaged in ONE cylinder to reduce waste.

How it works

Microfiber (lilac) side for cleansing -
- fibers 100x finer than human hair
= a larger surface area
= a lot more grip to attract dirt and makeup

This means it can get into the pores and under stubborn makeup
= a deeper cleanse

Bamboo cotton (white) side for toner -
compared to microfiber, this side pushes around makeup, rather than picking it up

But wouldn't it be perfect for something we don't want absorbed into a cloth? For example, a toner?
It absorbs product EVER so slowly, which means more product available for your face!

How to use

01. WET
Soak the lilac (microfiber side in warm water. This will open up the fibers to ensure a DEEP cleanse.

You can use the cloth to remove makeup with JUST water, or use it with your cleanser to ensure a flawless finish. (We use it in our everyday routine to remove our cleanser!)

03. TONE
Squeeze the water out. A damp cloth is fine. Add your toner onto the white (bamboo cotton) side, and pat the product onto your face.

04. WASH
Machine wash approx. 1-2 times per week. DO NOT use fabric softeners. Microfiber and bamboo cotton can shrink - follow the washing instructions (on the cloth label) carefully to minimise this.

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01. Do you have to machine wash it before first use?

No. The cloth has been pre-washed during the manufacturing process which in turn activates the fibers, so all you need to do is add water!

02. Can you use the toner (white) side while the cloth is wet from cleansing?

After cleansing, make sure you squeeze the cloth to get rid of any excess water - a damp cloth is fine!

03. How often do you wash the cloth?

Machine wash approx. 1-2 times per week. DO NOT use fabric softener.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Softest Cloth Ever

So many good things to say about this cloth!
The cleansing side of the pad is
incredibly soft & super gentle for sensitive skin & at the same time tough on removing makeup.
The bamboo side is perfect for
applying toner- the soft bamboo material
makes perfect sense.
This cloth is incredible, I recommend the duo so you always have one ready to go xx

Best cleansing cloths ever!

First of all I can't believe how thoughtful Sarah is for sending me an extra cloth when I only paid for one. As for the cloths, they remove makeup so well and I love that they are so soft and gentle on my skin. I loved that all it takes is just a bit of water and or cleanser to remove everything, including my waterproof eye makeup. Also the packaging was so cute! Can't wait to see what else she'll come up with!

Game Changing For A Lazy Girl's Skincare Routine!

I am the type of person to sleep in my makeup because it seems like too much work to take it all off at night. Since getting these cleansing cloths, I'm all out of excuses! It makes makeup removal / cleansing my skin a breeze. They're so convenient and the little loop tab on top makes storage so easy! They're gentle on the skin and the double pack means I always have one handy when the other is in the wash.

Stella Thai
So handy and works so well!

I received this product as part of a paid content creator campaign from Valere for me to try and honestly, I was blown away from the get-go. The packaging is really cute, I love the colour and the larger size of the cloth. The best thing is the QUALITY though! Most cloths take a bit of work to fully remove make up (with only water), but this was able to lift even my waterproof mascara with minimal effort. When I pair it with a foam cleanser too, my skin comes out feeling super clean and refreshed. I also love the toner side, but I actually use it to apply my after shower serum! I tend to forget a lot so this keeps me in check.

Game changing

If you often dread having to take off makeup, whether it's after a night out or simply because it can be time and effort consuming to make sure everything is fully removed, this is your calling. The micro fiber side literally takes off a full face of makeup for me in like two wipes, including non-waterproof mascara! It doesn't harshly tug against the skin even if you wipe roughly. It's honestly just so soft and gentle to use and leaves the skin feeling very well cleansed, a different kind of feeling compared to when you just use your hands. Flip it around and you're ready to apply toner and follow through with the rest of your routine, way to cut your routine time in half am I right! I also love using this to remove wash-off masks simply because it makes the entire process a lot less messy, just how I prefer it. Definitely recommend, comes in so handy and you wouldn't even realise until having one!